Expert Advice …

Do you have questions about your home?

Want advice on a project you want to start?

Do you have issues in your building that worry you?

Not sure about work that was done?

Did you ever just want to ask a question, get advice…..


We offer Real Estate Consulting Services – give us a call, or we will come to you and let you ask the questions. It’s your time with a professional who has no agenda, nothing to sell, nothing to gain; your consultant will give you straight forward answers to your questions.

This service is different than our Home Inspection services. The Consulting Services are based on time. There is no pass / fail – you ask the questions and our professional inspector gives you answers, ideas, and / or solutions; helping you solve your problems and get ideas. You can choose if you want a report, or choose to take your own notes.

Our verbal consultation is a great way to prioritize projects, learn about your home, and solve problems that contractors have failed to correct. We offer you years of experience and a professional opinion. There is no question too small, and there is no worry that can not be addressed.

Maintenance is the single most important aspect of owning a house, without periodic maintenance and up-keep, your asset deteriorates and will lose value. In many cases routine maintenance is not performed, not because it is put off, but because it is not obvious that the work needs to be done. There is no benefit to be gained from doing regular improvements to your home if the basics are not covered first. Let us steer you in the right direction.

Are you considering replacing your roof, damp problems an issue, foundation cracks that concern you, or possibly a wall you want to remove? Give us a call, we can look at your home and give you answers to your questions.

Concerns about your deck, the scope of the repairs the contractor suggested, the type of foundation repair needed?  Give us a call, we can look at what has been suggested and tell you if it is reasonable, or suggest an alternative. We are able to give you a second opinion without any strings attached.

Home Inspection – We know real estate from the ground up!