Home Inspections

Buying a new home?

BuildingMaster Inspection Services will provide you with peace of mind in your real estate transaction. We offer a Buyer’s Home Inspection that will contain a well-documented inspection and final report.  It will provide information and documentation to aid in the decision when buying any property.


Know what you’re buying – before you own it, or before you are locked into the purchase.  Get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our inspectors are uniquely qualified to help with your home inspection decision, no matter what type, size or age of building you are considering.


We offer a range of inspection options:

  • Detailed inspection of an existing dwelling.
  • Maintenance inspection if you do not need a whole house inspection.
  • Component consultation, if you just need specific items inspected.

BuildingMaster Inspection Services has InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors.


Selling your home?  If you are selling your home, don’t be blindsided by the buyer coming up with a list of problems at the last minute. Consider a Seller’s Home Inspection made prior to the point where you list your house for the best way of finding out what may need attention and repair before the home is under a sales contract. It gives you the opportunity to increase the price you will get for your home and it enables you to sell without the worry of what will need repairing. The certified report is also a valuable sales tool showing prospective purchasers that your home is in tip top condition.


Working with a builder?  Preparing to break ground for your new home or making an offer to purchase a newly built home? Call us to inspect the property with a New Construction Inspection during the general build phases. We can do phase or final inspections during the complete building process. Phase inspections start as soon as ground is broken and the foundation work begins, and is followed by a series of visits to the site as the building progresses through: framing, mechanical, electrical, roofing, insulation and final. When the building is finished we perform a Final Inspection to evaluate all of the building systems, trim and finish.

Home Inspection – We know real estate from the ground up!